Programmable Temperature / Humidity Chamber

Control Mode
Balanced temperature and humidity control system (BTHC) controls SSR in P.I.D. mode so that the amount of heating humidification of the system is equal to the amount of heat loss, it can be stably for a long period of time.
Temperature range: -40℃〜+150℃ ; Humidity range: 10%~98%RH
Human-machine interface and touch panel input & control
Show setting value (SV) and practical value (PV) of temperature and humidity
Trouble shooting pages: Cause, solution and history record
Language options: Chinese/ English; other languages are optional.
Support USB interface to store and copy the data
Communication interface: RS-232, ETHERNET and RS-485
Automatically wet and dry bulb sensor temperature compensation and calibration to improve the linear precision.
Optional Accessories
Shelves (Aviailable:15kg.)
RO-type water purifier
Inner door with operation port
Temperature and humidity recorder