Eco-Friendly Cleaner - Stencils and Misprinted Board Cleaning

Defluxer for Electronics Assembly Industrial


EC-V2015CL001 design is an evironment-friendly solvent-based cleaner specially to clean uncured solder paste, SMT's adhesives glue and residual flux on stencil, misprinted board, wave soldering pallets and tools, squeegees, etc.


EC-V2015CL001 is an environment-friendly cleaner which is widely applied to normally duty as grease, fingerprint, oily pollutant and adhesive residues from various substrates (metal, ceramic, plastic).


EC-V2015CL001 is a high performance cleaner which exhibits great material compatibility and causes no damage to most electronic components. It is a mixture of high-refined polar (alcohols), non-polar (hydrocarbons) solvents which effectively removes diverse oily types with excellent solvency and outstanding penetration, providing our customers with superior quality and content user experience.


EC-V2015CL001 should be used at 100% concentration at room temperature. It is almost used in hand-wipe and manual immersion during process, also dries spot free and does not require any water rinsing step after cleaning.


EC-V2015CL001 has no CFC's or zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and is non-hazardous. It is also product compliant by EU Directive 2011/65/EU, Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive Substance Directive (RoHS).





Eco-Friendly Cleaner


Pail (20 L) / Drum (200 L) / IBC Tack (1000 L)


Stencils and Misprinted Board Cleaning