Neutral Aqueous Corrosion Inhibitor - Copper and Aluminium Substrates Applicable

Antioxidant for Precision Manufacturing


BECA171IHB is an aqueous blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitor formulated specially design to protect copper and aluminium substrates from base metal attacks.


BECA171IHB  generated ultra thin film inhibitor is capable of providing interim protection, it is inhibited the reaction of oxidation during in-door storage. It is suitable for apply in immersion and spray cleaning systems.


BECA171IHB offers excellent compatibility with ferrous substrates and materials apply in precision manufacturing applications, especially in copper and aluminium substrates. Moreover, it safe for apply in both immersion and spray parts cleaning equipment.


BECA171IHB is hard water stable, low foaming aqueous, and does not contain diethanolamine. It is can also be added to both the wash and rinse stages of multi-stage cleaning systems.



Neutral Aqueous Corrosion Inhibitor




Copper and Aluminium Substrates Applicable